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That pretty pretty; or, The rape play


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As the title might suggest, Callaghan's one-act isn't for everyone. Blending sexual violence, blizzards of pop-culture references and meta-meta-narrative into a bitter, frothy brew, That Pretty Pretty traces the career of a duo of busty femmes fatales (K.D. O'Hair and Kasey O'Brien) who travel the country knocking off anti-abortion activists. Or maybe it traces the career of the dopily misogynist screen writer (Jesse Manson) who cookes up their storey. Or maybe it's really a fanstasia on Jane Fonda (Victoria Szilagyi) and her self reinvention through fitness. As Callaghan drops allusions to Thelma and Louise, Natural Born Killers and Kill Bill, a nauseated horror at the atrocities big and small to which the culture industry numbs us lurks beneath her arch humor and structural razzle-dazzle.


Bermingham's production plunges gleefully into the play's trashy excessive theatricality. While some of the tonal range of Calligan's script, which premiered in New York last year, may get lost amid the frenetic Jell-O wrestling and fake blood, this energetic take does bring across the hysterical, candy-coated surfaces of the playwright's pop nightmare. O'Hair and O'Brien are fearless as the avenging pair Agnes and Valerie, while Szilagyi invests Fonda's incessant aerobic act with a tireless masochistic sheen. John Wilson's brief turn as Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale may be this weird and unsettling play's weirdest, most unsettling moment. Hair metal dominates the soundtrack, but the spirit of the production's frontal assault is pure punk rock. -John Beer



That pretty pretty; or, the rape play by Sheila Callaghan

K.D. O'Hair, Victoria Szilagyi and Kasey O'Brien



That pretty pretty; or, the rape play

K.D. O'Hair, John Wilson and Jesse Manson